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What we do

Webgreen creates custom web applications, including websites. We combine our technical knowledge with great communication skills and work in partnership with our clients to produce innovative business solutions.

We utilise the open source LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We've been coding with PHP commercially for over 15 years. Webgreen can manage web hosting and email services for clients.

Drupal is our preferred Content Management System. Webgreen enhances Drupal core with our own custom modules in response to specific client requirements. We have expertise in must-have modules including Views, Content Types, Rules and Panels as well as a broad knowledge of the vast array of other third party modules available. We can perform multi-site configurations and create customised themes.

Alongside LAMP and Drupal, we're skilled with jQuery, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

We have 20 years practical experience using unix shell scripts such as Bash and Korn. Shell scripts are an overlooked, yet invaluable tool for getting the most from a web server. We've used shell scripts to perform and control everything from backups to powerful data migrations and XML imports.

Webgreen can create logos and other graphic elements for websites.

We can author functional, design and technical documentation for clients and projects.

What we've done

We've taken on all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients. Whatever the project, whoever the client, we strive to build effective working relationships to produce solutions of which we can be proud.

Webgreen does not limit itself to working in any particular sector and recent clients include those operating within Defence, Manufacturing and Sport. If a project looks interesting and we think we can help, we are keen to get involved.

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Action Sports Club

Webgreen created the award winning Snowboard Club UK in 2004 for Action Sports Club Ltd. The website functions as a discount club and community hub for UK snowboarders. Its success led to us undertaking a total rewrite in Drupal, which launched in 2015 as Action Sports Club. The business now covers 11 sports websites via Drupal multisites.

The club supports a community of 30,000 users, 2000 Club Members and half a million visitors during peak months. Webgreen is responsibile for maintaining the site, server and ecommerce.

Keywords: VirtualBox, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Apache, MySQL, Drupal, PHP, SQL, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, bash

Project Summary

  • Sole responsibility for the development and support of this massive 6 million page content driven web solution.
  • Drupal multisite of a shared codebase across 12 domains.
  • Initial data migration from an old PostNuke CMS.
  • Six unique custom modules of the 170 deployed.
  • Custom Drupal theme with 160 bespoke templates.
  • Multiple custom Drupal content types.
  • Recurring memberships and Club shop using PayPal.
  • Affiliate driven shop managing 500,000 products.
  • Server side processing of XML product feeds and sitemaps.


The client needed to improve member retention. Webgreen implemented PayPal's Website Payments Standard (WPS) Recurring Payments. Annual retention is now 73%.

We increased membership numbers through the introduction of a Family Membership product and Membership Rewards for referrals.

Webgreen provides a front end for tracking memberships and supporting weekly membership card production.

Membership is provided by several Drupal Ubercart modules supported by two custom Webgreen modules.

Affiliate Store

ASC wanted to leverage visitor numbers to generate income, without excessive advertising. Webgreen provides a custom Drupal module to front end a multi category store. The store shows both popular and club discounted products to drive affiliate sales and memberships. Affiliate income has increased 500%.

500,000 products are efficiently loaded from Affiliate Window, Webgains and private XML feeds via a mix of bash, PHP and SQL scripts on a nightly basis.

Products appear across 12 unique sites, all running from a single instance of the code across 12 virtual hosts on a private server.

User Hub and Profile

The client wanted a landing page where irregular users could quickly engage with the content most relevant to them. Webgreen created a Hub page for every user showing nearby club discounts, tagged events, locations, news and any products they'd recently considered buying.

Each user is able to build their Profile to show their sporting interests, photos, resorts visited as well as personal information.

All this was provided by Webgreen using Drupal, 3rd party and custom modules with bespoke themeing and templating.

Content Driven

The site boasts an advanced forum with tens of thousands of posts using custom Drupal templates.

One of many custom content types, club partners drive membership with discounts only visible to Club Members.

The resort guide covers every single winter resort in the world and features the UK's indoor and dryslopes, many of which are club partners.

Categorised news dates back to 1997. All site content was migrated through each iteration of the Club's websites by Webgreen.

UNICOM for Steria

The UNICOM (Unit Computing) project supported 12,500 users on the British Army's 450 units around the globe. From In Barracks systems in the UK, Canada, Falklands and Germany to Out Of Barracks systems in the jungles of Belize and sandier places, UNICOM was once described in Parliament as “The jewel in the crown of MoD IT projects”.

Webgreen was a key consultant for Steria (aka Bull, Integris, Sopra Steria) providing analysis, design, code, test and support, plus the provision of technical and end-user documentation for the MoD.

Keywords: Secure AIX, IBM, Linux, Apache, PHP, Oracle, SQL, CSS, Javascript, Korn Shell, sccs, LPP

Project Summary

  • Web-based front end (PHP, HTML, Javascript) to a unix command line ksh (Korn Shell) back-end.
  • Migration of code and data through several different software and hardware platforms.
  • Creation of System Administration Package for IBM's AIX-L unix operating system.
  • Secure intranet web-based interface for users to access authorised functionality.
  • Responsible for project software version control (sccs) and IBM package building (LPP).

Secure Access

UNICOM used a B1 secure intranet and strong password encryption to ensure secure access.

Supporting a host of unit based applications, such as stores, repairs, catering, personnel and accounting, Webgreen was responsible for user access to the UNICOM Homepage.

Applications were provided by third parties and the Army itself. Webgreen worked closely with all parties to ensure data security was maintained.

We were security cleared for all work by the MoD.

Web-based Interface

Originally provided by IBM's character-based SMIT interface, Webgreen was responsible for providing a parallel browser-based interface for System Adminstration with In Barracks moving to a PC solution and Out of Barracks retaining dumb terminals.

Webgreen used ksh and PHP to generate HTML templated versions of the SMIT screens.

Webgreen provided the IBM AIX system administration functions, including user adminstration, Oracle database/AIX file backup solution, custom user-configurable secure file transfer facility and user printer configuration.


Originally on a Bull hardware and AIX software solution, Webgreen was responsible for the migration of the code and data to an IBM and AIX-L platform.

UNICOM was initially hosted on unit based hardware. Webgreen was instrumental in proposing and implemeting the migration to a single centralised server solution.

Webgreen was tasked with designing and producing the migration suite to seamlessly move each unit's data and access to the centralised server with minimal impact on business.

Herts Volleyball Association

The HVA approached us because their Fixtures Secretary was struggling to manage league and cup fixtures. The existing website was rarely updated and league tables were often incomplete and out of date. The league's communications with teams and processes were time consuming.

Webgreen analysed the issues and implemented a web-based solution based on Drupal. Clubs now maintain their own roster, fixtures and results using a modern responsive website. The site automates previously manual tasks and the job of the Fixtures Secretary is now (almost) stress free.

Keywords: Drupal, Ubuntu, MySQL, PHP, VirtualBox, SQL, CSS, Javascript, Google Bootstrap

Project Summary

  • A clean Google Bootstrap custom Drupal theme provides responsive access across all devices.
  • New Drupal content types allow the clubs to enter their own rosters, news and match results.
  • The Fixtures Secretary schedules league and cup fixtures and approves results as they come in.
  • The website sends out automatic email reminders for fixtures and results using the Drupal Rules framework.

League Fixtures

The complicated HVA league rules are implemented through a custom Drupal module so the league tables are always accurate.

Custom Drupal templates, views and themeing techniques allow the results and fixtures to be clearly displayed.

Matches can be viewed for each league, club team or player in various formats.

Players and managers can use the ICS feeds produced to add fixtures to personal Google Calendars, Outlook, etc.

Knock Out Competitions

Some rather nice PHP determines the fair distribution of team entries across the required number of knock-out rounds. Byes and progressing teams are calculated automatically.

The brackets are displayed using bespoke CSS within a custom template solution under Drupal.

Fixture Management

All fixtures are displayed on the HVA website, allowing clubs to add locations so the site can include Google Maps.

Detailed reminders are emailed automatically in advance using Drupal Rules, which has dramatically reduced forfeited matches.

Clubs can upload the scoresheet and enter match players and results, even from their mobiles.

Drupal user and group configurations, plus custom coding restricts functional website access.

Drupal form validation is extensive and helps clubs avoid fielding non-eligible players.

Infinity Technology Europe

Infinity Technology are specialists in producing "just in time" and "just in sequence" software for the automotive industry. Their clients include BMW, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley.

Webgreen acts as a flexible resource for Infinity's small Chester-based team to ensure they can move forward with planned work whilst supporting critical live customer production lines. We specialise in production line screen design for factory floor use and process monitoring.

Keywords: Linux, Postgres, Python, Django, Google Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, CSS and bash.

Project Summary

  • Javascript driven real time monitoring screens powered by a Python/Django/Postgres back-end.
  • In depth analysis of performance issues within the Postgres database.
  • Provision of a portable customer visible backup solution for their customers' different linux installations.

Customer Backup Solution

Infinity were performing ad-hoc backups of critical customer data and checking them manually. This process had grown organically and they realised it was not best practice.

Webgreen replaced the manual processes with a Python/Django/Postgres solution, allowing backups to be configured centrally. A portable bash backup script is deployed to client servers, with file and database backups synced to a central repository.

All backups can be monitored by Infinity on a single screen. Customers can check their own servers' backups, providing peace of mind that their data is safe with Infinity.


Webgreen provided warehouse and dispatch screens for changes to the existing Groupo Antalin "Magellan" system for components destined for Jaguar (Castle Bromwich) and Land Rover (Solihull).

Webgreen's screens are driven by Python through dynamic Javascript and templated using Django's template engine, CSS and Google Bootstrap.

Webgreen took on the task of examining server performance, with recommendations passed back to Inifinity management.


Infinity have a new project for Toyota Tsusho and Jaguar Land Rover, which requires new screens to process the arrival, repackaging and dispatch of parts from abroad.

Webgreen designed the dynamic Django fed screens using Javascript and templated using HTML, CSS and Google Bootstrap.

Our work has allowed Infinity to successfully demonstrate the solution to the customer and better finalise the scope and design of the final product.

What this means

We can either replace an existing website or get your business online from scratch.

Webgreen will take your ideas, work with you and create you a website that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

As web developers, we take the basic functionality of Open Source (free) website software and use our skills and knowledge to create a totally custom and bespoke solution that does exactly what you need it to do.

Webgreen can continue to tweak, modify and enhance your website as new requirements are identified.

About Us

Webgreen Systems Limited is owned and operated by Duncan Worrell. The company is based in Hertfordshire just north of London between Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St. Albans and minutes from the M25, M1 and mainline to Euston.

Duncan may be busy working with a client, so email us so he can get back to you at a mutually convenient time or give him a ring on 07976 951223.

Check Duncan out professionally at LinkedIn or less formally on Facebook.

We're serious about what we do and we retain membership of the following professional bodies and organisations.